Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google Upset With Microsoft Over Internet Explorer 7

Search giant Google is upset with Microsoft for using MSN Search as the default search engine for Internet Explorer 7's integrated search bar reports The New York Times. Google is citing that similar behaviors in the 90’s of embedding Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player in to the Windows operating system landed Microsoft in hot water with the DOJ in anti-trust litigation of which subsequently Microsoft was found guilty.

Google fears that by setting MSN Search as the default search engine inside IE 7 that it will take away search volume and ad revenue from Google. It should be noted that other major browsers Firefox and Opera both use Google as their default search engine in their integrated search fields. Google also compensates both Opera and the Mozilla Corporation for searches generated using those fields. In addition Microsoft has made it as easy as 3 clicks to set Google as the default search engine within IE 7.

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