Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Resumen de la Conferencia de SONY

- 60GB HDD 2.5" with pre-installed Linux OS will be standard (included? we don't know 100%, but it is "required") and is upgradeable
- Dev kit specs fix as of today
- Final PS3 development kits will be sent to developers in June
- 10.000.000 BD-ROMS manufacturing capability per month @ cost around same as 2-layer DVD
- Every PS3 game will be on a Blu Ray Disc, in an attempt to prevent piracy
- Price will not be less than 50.000YEN (~$425USD) [Note that Japanese prices are usually higher. SPECULATION is that it will be $349-$449 USD]
- PS3 will have HDMI support from launch
- Sony plans to produce 1 million PS3s a month; 6 million PS3s for FY2006 (by the end of March 07)
- "basic" online service free, no details yet (could be XBLS for PS3)
- Full backwards compatibility from day 1; hi-res and texture filtering for all titles (akin to what MS does to the few BC titles on 360)
- The online service will be working off of GameSpy technology (co-development with SOE)

- videophone in autumn
- GPS (Hot Shots Golf with GPS revealed; October 2006 for Japan)
- Eyetoy
- Flash support with next update
- Mem.Stick boot support in autumn
- first-gen PS1 official emulator
- buy/download games from net
- 199 CORE PACK PSP being released in USA/Europe by end of March (March 22nd for Europe)
- 19,800 yen Ceramic White PSP CORE PACK from 15 April in Japan


Diego Ivan said...

Pero señore.. acaso se volvio el carajo de la sony.. tirar 1 millon de ps3 al año no seria demasiado:S y pa' colmo tan caro.. van a kebrar!..

Y en cuanto al psp.. ya nada mas me sorprende esa es la consola portatil perfecta,la ke puede hacer de todo... lo unico ke le falta a esta consola taaannn perfecta es..JUEGOS!!(casi nada)

Antonio Melo said...

Loko ya lo sabe esa gente no se entiende se estan dejando llevar demasiado de su fama va y le pase ahorita como a Nintendo por su orgullo Sony los tumbo