Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hacker team gets close to Xbox 360 holy grail

AFTER a team of hackers admitted that their XBox360 hack was not really practical, another team has said that it is closer to a practical solution.

In hackerland getting a useable 360 hack is a bit like finding a cure for cancer. An outfit called team executer claims to have found a way to managed to write to the DVD drives firmware, without the need to de-solder the chip, flash, and replace it.

The group’s hack works by hooking up to your PC drive and flashing it over the S=ATA bus.

True you need a custom connector, because Vole uses a lot of proprietary stuff, but it is a step closer to the XBox360 being wide open, the group claims

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Diego Ivan said...

waajaja como siempre la M!@# de Xbox lo primero en hackearse!